Notification Events - Version 1.0

Specification for the exposition of Restful resources for notifications events originated from the Marketplace.

Version notes

Specification initial version.

Notifications types

For this version, only the notification in order events is available.

Notification events for orders

The following orders notification events types will be sent by the Marketplace:

NEW: Creation of a new order

RAA: Risk of aprooval - Payment due
APPROVED: Aprooval of an order
CANCELED: Cancelation of an order
CANCELED DENIED: Order cancelation denied (cases where a problem ocurred in the cancelation)

Call example

POST https://<dominio_lojista>/<uri_opcional>

Input data

Field Type Description Example Mandatory
eventDate Date and Hour Occurrence event of the notified event. 2013-06-28T08:54:00.000-03:00 Yes
sellerId Integer Shopkeeper identifier. 3 Yes
eventType Text Type of the occurred event for the notified order.
resourceType Text Affected API resource. In this case, 'Orders' Orders Yes
resourceId Integer Identifier of the affected order. 5 Yes
uriResource Text URI for consulting the affected resource. /orders/5 Yes

Request Example

Example of a Order creation event

Everytime an order is created in the Marketplace, a event is generated, Then the following message is sent to the registered Callback URL:

    "eventDate" : "2013-06-28T08:54:00.000-03:00",
    "sellerId" : "3",
    "eventType" : "New",
    "resourceType" : "Orders",
    "resourceId" : "5",
    "uriResource" : "/orders/5"

About usage

The Martketplace resends the Event in case you application is unavailable. After 5 unsuccessful tries, the sending of the Event is cancelled.

We recommend that, two or three times a day, queries on the services you listen to Events are done. For instance, consulting the list of new orders (GET /orders/status/new) twice a day, it is possible to ensure that, if a failure happend in the sending of a new order, this order will be integrated in your system.

The events are simply notifications. To obtain the informations it's necessary to look them up in the service related to the received Event. The resource is available in the field uriResource.


To use an events resource in the Marketplace, just inform the Callback URL field available in the APP registration screen. This field can be altered at any time in the developer panel.