Before starting to run your application in a Production environment, it is extremely important that you can test its functionalities, in order to ensure that it will run with no errors. And also be sure that it complies with all the rules set by the APIs usage.

In order to help you in the tests, we provide you with the Sandbox Environment (or just Sandbox), an environment built especially to run tests with the APIs. In the Sandbox, an application can perform all the operations similarly as in a production environment, but all the information is fictitious, so it has no access to the Production information. The opposite also happens: the Sandbox information cannot be seen in the Production environment.

Acquisition of the Access Token for Sandbox

Tokens for Sandbox are generated automatically with the application registration in the developer dashboard. They can be seen in the option Associated Tokens of your application.

Learn more about the APIs authorization process

Making calls to the APIs in the Sandbox

Once you have the Sandbox Token, the application runs identically as in the Production environment. The main difference is that the application must point to the Sandbox environment instead of the Production environment.

Sandbox URL:
Production URL:

It is important to emphasize that Tokens in the Sandbox can call only the Sandbox URL. This is also valid to the Production Tokens. This rule avoids that a call to the Production environment is made with a valid Sandbox Token.

APIs exclusive to the Sandbox

In order to help in the tests flow, we provide some exclusive APIs in the Sandbox environment. They allow you to finish your application tests flow. For example, in the Production, an order creation happens directly in the website where the product is sold, but in the Sandbox, you need to create an order so you can check it, and validate the query of new orders. Also, you need to simulate the payment approval of an order to validate the query of approved orders.

Browse on the API Explorer and see the available operations.

Operations available only for the Sandbox environment have the following note: “This operation is available only for SANDBOX."